scarce availability of components

2021 is unfortunately confirmed as a very difficult year. In addition to the increase in the costs of raw materials and operating expenses related to logistics, we are now facing a new problem, common to all manufacturing companies: the scarce availability of a series of components.

In particular electrical and electronic components, is causing worldwide a serious uncertainty about the timing of procurement of materials and, in some cases, even the interruption of the supply chain.

This situation inevitably generates a significant impact on our production capacity and on the delivery dates of some of our products.

Our company, while maintaining the goal of respecting the high standards of quality and innovation that has always been a trademark of Rivacold, has promptly taken extraordinary measures to reduce the consequences on our customers' activities. Inter-functional teams have been created, which include resources from Purchasing, RD and Logistics, with the aim of finding technical alternatives, equivalent from a design point of view, which can shorten delivery times and increase the availability of materials in stock. Our laboratory, Vag Refrigeration Laboratory, has increased testing hours to test and validate these new solutions. Our Purchasing Department communicates daily with all suppliers to ensure compliance with our priorities.

Given the evidence of this great commitment and the consequent positive results that we will see, especially in the medium term, we must however communicate to you, with the transparency and seriousness that has always linked our companies, that for the families of products in which we currently have greater difficulties we can not temporarily confirm orders.

In fact, we will only confirm orders for products we have all the necessary components available for and that, therefore, will have a certain delivery date. This means that some orders may remain unconfirmed for a period of time sufficient to verify and complete the procurement of materials.

We are aware that this will certainly cause inconvenience, for which we apologize. Please be assured that we are doing everything possible to minimize them and return as quickly as possible to delivery performance in line with your needsThank you for your understanding and for your invaluable support in this complicated year for everyone.We remain available for further information

Knappheit von Komponenten

November 2021