Wall mounted Blocksystems

FA, P, SV for indoor- and BX, CT for outdoor installation.

Rivacold Wall mounted Blocksystems

Ceiling mounted Blocksystems

SF for indoor installation.

Rivacold Ceiling mounted Blocksystems

Split Blocksystems

FS, SP, ST for indoor- and TH, SX for outdoor installation.

Rivacold Split Blocksystems

Condensing units and Compressor receiver units

Condensing units BHL, SU, UC for indoor- and ME, MH, MV, MX for outdoor installation.

Compressor receiver units GHP, GPC for indoor and outdoor installation.

Rivacold Condensing units

Multi compressors and Connext

Multi compressors CX, GP2, KX, MH2, TX for indoor and outdoor installation.

Connext and Multiconnext R744 for outdoor installation.

Rivacold Multi compressors

Evaporator, Condenser, and Gascooler

Evaporator RM70, RS, RC, RD

Condenser and gascooler RRS, RRC for outdoor installation.

Rivacold Evaporator