Dimensions w x h x l:450 x 145 x 330 mm
Weight net:7.35 kg
Case:ABS Kunststoffgehäuse
Protection:IP 65
Power:400 VAC 50/60 Hz 3-phasig
Connector:Drehstrom 400 VAC +/- 10 %
Ambient temperature:-5 bis +40 °C
Storage temperature:-25 bis +55 °C
Humidity:< 90 % RH
Probe Input Room:NTC Fühler 10 K (25 °C)
Input evaporator:NTC Fühler 10 K (25 °C)
Pot. free input contacts:vorhanden
Compressor:5500 W 3-phasig
Evaporator:2000 W 1-phasig/3-phasig
Cooling room light:800 W 1-phasig
Alarm relay:100 W potentialfrei
Condenser fans:800 W 1-phasig
  • Compact self-extinguishing ABS plastic housing with IP 65 protection
  • Status messages and alarm messages are displayed on LED
  • Controller design in Pego
  • Two NTC probe included with
  • Power supply in wiring technology
  • Isolation transformer / control transformer
  • Direct control of the compressor, the evaporator fan, the defrost heater, condenser fan, the refrigerator light and alarm output
  • A operation without a motor protection switch is not possible